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Our attention is constantly drawn to fashion and innovation season after season. The entire range of items in production is the result of a combination of chemical and mechanical processes expertly mixed by our "craftsmen".
Since we believe that exclusivity is an added value that makes our articles more valuable, our products are made out of high quality leather.
We focus our energy primarily on items intended for the market of footwear and leather goods without neglecting the market of leatherwear in itself.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. (Pablo Picasso)


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The company has dealt all its issues related to the normal performance of its activities with innovation. Thanks to innovation, Vignola Noble Spa has developed its products in synergy with the big fashion brands and with the major protagonists in the chemical-tanning industry. It is with innovation that our company’s energy contributes to the creation of the Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections which each year inspire our customers

It is with the same innovation that we handle all the productive processes. For this purpose, the company has an ERP software that allows it to organize the production, from tanning to the phases of measurement and selection, in order to optimize resources and manufacturing times. This turns into a service for our customers who receive continuous real-time information on the progress of their orders, so they can have a reliable expectation of delivery time.

Vignola Noble Spa, though being an industrial reality, it works with a view to a "service company" offering its expertise and advice for problem solving and for the needs of its customers. The company wants to break with traditional patterns of its sector without simply selling products, but offering additional services.

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Our quality

Our attention to the quality of our products is the basic principle upon which all our processes underlie. From sourcing to processing to delivery of the goods, all phases are treated according to criteria of excellence.

In fact, the quality of our leather is guaranteed not only by the prestige of the raw materials we buy, but especially by the care we put into manual labour and recipes.
The laboratories within the company are able to perform the main tests of physical mechanical resistance, colour fastness, resistance of the finishing and the important criteria of stability and compatibility of materials.
Using standardized methods and procedures specially developed, Vignola Noble Spa has the ability to verify the properties and maintenance of the leather, in order to ensure a correct conformity to the specific requirements of the most demanding brands.
In our laboratories, we carry out the following tests:
  • xenon test
  • flexometer test
  • traction test
  • tearing test
  • migration test
  • veslic Test
  • water drop Test
In addition, we make use of partner laboratories that perform numerous other quality tests on our behalf.

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About us

Vignola Nobile is a third generation, family owned business since 1966. This company is the result of a proudly built history in the leather tanning town of Solofra. As required by the artisan tradition, the company’s expertise has passed down from father to son and enriched through the years in order to offer its highest quality to customers. Vignola Noble Spa has proven to be flexible and able to evolve: it has managed to compete with the changes the market has inevitably imposed, as the economic boom and the subsequent industrialization, reaching to the pressing global recession of our days.

Vignola Nobile’s distinguishing spirit of innovation has enabled it to operate in constant growth in turnover-employee ratio. In fact, the company, covers an area of 5,500 sq.m., employs 54 staff members who work hard every day to develop products for quality market with an average production of 40.000 sq.m. of leather per year. Actually, our target is the quality demanded by the luxury market. Thanks to the synergy with our clients, we are able to create products with a high quality and innovative design. In the year 2000, thanks to a brilliant intuition, our article "Aviator" washed effect was created and since then has become the industry benchmark, because it has been entirely developed on vegetable tanning of sheep and goat hides. Since then, Vignola Noble Spa has been constantly focusing on research and development of high quality products, convinced that quality and innovation are fundamental to compete in the global market.

  • Written by Vignola Nobile SpA
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