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Our attention to the quality of our products is the basic principle upon which all our processes underlie. From sourcing to processing to delivery of the goods, all phases are treated according to criteria of excellence.

In fact, the quality of our leather is guaranteed not only by the prestige of the raw materials we buy, but especially by the care we put into manual labour and recipes.
The laboratories within the company are able to perform the main tests of physical mechanical resistance, colour fastness, resistance of the finishing and the important criteria of stability and compatibility of materials.
Using standardized methods and procedures specially developed, Vignola Noble Spa has the ability to verify the properties and maintenance of the leather, in order to ensure a correct conformity to the specific requirements of the most demanding brands.
In our laboratories, we carry out the following tests:
  • xenon test
  • flexometer test
  • traction test
  • tearing test
  • migration test
  • veslic Test
  • water drop Test
In addition, we make use of partner laboratories that perform numerous other quality tests on our behalf.


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